Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Strange Booklet

At Dyan's jounaling class we made a booklet from three pieces of watercolour paper. We sprayed through stencils, we drew round some areas, we used gesso on top we stamped and we cleared the shelves of Stampotique stamps ;-)

Just in case the cover didn't look weired enough I made them have red eyes. Words are 7 Gypsies rub ons. This is still a work in progress as I have a few pages to fill.
They don't go with the rest of the book, but I wanted some shiny butterflies.

When I was young I used to doodle 3D boxes! and stars. These stars are drawn free hand on old music one of the ladies (Janet?) kindly brought along. The music was also spray painted.

This is the page opened up.

This time the hearts are drawn free hand. The girl on the right looks so like someone scary I used to work with! The white circles are gesso on a glue stick lid.
I don't have any of these stamps - YET! But how do I choose.

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Virginia said...

I love my book and I love the stampotique stamps - bought me quite a few up to now!