Thursday, 18 October 2012


One of my favourite charities is Operation Christmas Child.  I think I have as much fun filling the shoe boxes as the children do opening them.

This year I got a bit carried away making hats as I have knitted 16 beanie hats and 3 crochet ones. 

Here are a few of the knitted hats.  I used a lot of Patons Fab as I love to watch the way the multicolour patterns emerge.  It's great value too as House of Fraser are selling it for just £1.60 per 100g.  One ball will make three hats.

I also like to crochet this cute girl's hat.  It takes me about an hour whilst watching TV.  It's done in a circle so has no seams to sew.
I designed a small bag to go with one of the hats.  It's a great way to use the novelty buttons I have had for years.  These buttons are two wrapped sweets from a Halloween set.
I also knitted some cute purses that are just big enough to hid a small box of crayons.  I will share a photo later as blogger will not upload it at the moment.
Hope you are having a nice day.  I have to take the cat to the vet for a check up later and all I can say is she doesn't travel well!?!?!  Wish me luck.
Anne x


Cath Wilson said...

Gorgeous colours and I especially love that little girlie hat - fab stuff, Anne. Good for you x

Ann B said...

Love the beanie hats Anne. Haven't one a shoebox in a couple of years - must seek out a local collector.
Ann B

Unknown said...

Lovely projects! And for a great cause, too. Knitting hats is fun, wish I looked better in them. Hope you and your kitty survived the vet!

Dotpat said...

Those hats are brill Anne, what patience you must have, good for you. The little bag is lovely too.