Wednesday, 3 October 2012


The knitting bug has struck again.  So while I've been watching TV each evening I have also been knitting lots of colourful charity jumpers and hats. 

I fancied knitting something else so when The Little Knitting Company asked on FaceBook for sample knitters for a Create and Craft TV show I thought why not.  Then I got the kit.  I immediately loved the cotton tape yarn but the pattern - yikes!  Cables I remember how to do but idea!

I had a practice with some scrap yarn and got the bobbles on the second attempt - read the pattern carefully Anne - LOL! 

I love the finished result but know that if I'd bought this I would have given up after the easy iPod holder. So it was a lesson in how not to give up because the yarn is too nice and I might spoil it!
Here is the finished bag along with the phone holder and iPod holder. 
 This is my iPad modelling the bag.
Finally here is a close up of the stitches.  The colour is a lovely gold and much nicer than it looks here or on TV.  I think it was the mustard option.  It was odd seeing it on TV and knowing I knitted it.  Hopefully it will return here one day to keep my iPad warm on these cold winter nights.

Anne x


cockney blonde said...

Brilliant Anne, know what you mean about the knitting bug. I was fortunate to see your beautiful baby sets when I popped in on Diane today. The colours are amazing, x

Cath Wilson said...

Yummy Aran style knitting - my favourite - used to do loads and loads of it but not any more... gorgeous results, Anne - love 'em.