Thursday, 4 October 2012


It took a bit of juggling, but at last I could visit my Yorkshire relatives at the same time as Kate Crane held a workshop at Art From The Heart in Harrogate.  Great you might think, but just one tiny snag - Yikes!?! it's a drawing workshop!?!  Oh well never mind I thought I can manage to draw a few houses - like on her DVD...

Well to cut a long story short we didn't draw houses, instead we had a great time drawing faces.  Some of the class were so good that they could teach drawing faces!  Here is my first attempt at a free hand drawn face.  It can't be too bad, because even my mum liked it.  I know it's a bit unfinished but I've decided to leave it as it is.

The saying comes from a random page in an old book and says 'Mr Banks wondered why it was that every time he discovered an attractive woman Mrs Banks said her hair was dyed.'
Here is a closer look - please be kind, I know her eyes are a bit scary in bright blue and that she looks rather sad.  Next time I will try giving her a fringe and put the pink bits in her ears.
The background is a Kate style arylic painted page - I discovered I need to use way more white than I expect to get a nice blend.  I also used Dylusion stamps and stencils, and a few coloured pencils.
Now I'm selling off the family silver ready for the next time I'm 'Up North'. - hahaha!  Just joking.  Seriously if you get chance to take one of Kate's classes you will be in for a treat.
Have a lovely day.  Anne x

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Cath Wilson said...

Well done, you! Not easy to leave your inner critic at home, is it? YOu did brilliantly, too - bet it was a fun workshop x