Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lovely Memories

Each year we grow the same varieties of tomatoes my grandad grew.  The home grown tomato smell brings back lovely memories of my time spent on his allotment when I was little.  I wish I had a photo of him in his huge green greenhouse made out of old window frames. 

Below is a page I made about my memories.  The smudge bottom right is a fingerprint.  Apologies for the variable lighting on the photo.

What smell(s) evokes memories for you? 

The smell of moth balls and cigars remind me of working in a bank and the smell of moth balls and BO remind me of an office job!  Nicer smells include baking smells that remind me of my lovely gran.  Burning smells remind me of our garage as Paul is often welding in there.  Once you get thinking it's amazing what memories smells evoke.

Just off out for lunch.  Have a lovely day.  Anne x


Dotpat said...

This is great Anne, I take it this is a journel page, I would not of thought of that. I must have a go

Virginia said...

Definitely tomatoes for me, takes me back to my childhood and being in my Dad's greenhouse which was always filled with them!