Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fun Swap (AKA what on earth am I going to do with this!)

The lovely Dot set a Yahoo group I belong to a challenge to create something from a scrap of peach leather and two small square envelopes. We did not know what the items would be until they arrived.

For mine I used the leather to cut out letters for the front of a little book. The book is from We Are Memory Keepers paper and I added some tiny beads to the spine.

I used the little envelopes to add in tags and used the last of the leather to create tabs for the tabs.

I had fun stamping in a few nice qotes and added some photo mounts so Janice can personalise it. The pages are all different sizes to give a fun look.

This is a little calendar that the lovely Helen made for me. Very clever use of the envelopes as the stand and the leather is the butterflies. I love it!

I am leaving my job on Friday and taking a year off to get my health back to what it was before I took the job, to have some fun, do some travelling and to do some jobs on the house. One of my tasks is to clear out my craft room and then I will be more likely to do more crafting. I need some pretty colours in what has become a rather gray life to get my sparkle back. Walking away from a well paid job is feeling a bit scarry at the moment, but I know that it is the right thing to do. I hear Gap Years are all the rage for people my age!

Love Anne x


Cath Wilson said...

Brilliant, Ann - wonderful idea! Lovely to have it explained. Best of luck with your venture - you're very brave and I really wish you well. Sometimes a change is all you need!! I hope your health improves with the rest :-) xxx

Virginia said...

Oh Ann that is beautiful and such a great use of the leather!