Sunday, 7 March 2010

More Journaling and a special thanks to Craft Stamper Magazine

I have not been online much the last few weeks. I had a treat in the post yesterday - lots of lovely sharpie markers from Katy's Craft Stamper blog. Big ones, tiny ones and all different colours. They will make a nice addition to my copics and pro markers. I will share what I make with them.

Here is a finished page that I started at Dyan's workshop. I love the white souffle pen, shame it doesn't show well on screen.

I haven't felt like journaling for a while. I kind of got all my frustrations out and then was lost for something to say. I have a new big journal and the pages seem scary! I might spoil them! So I've gone back to small pages for a while.

Today I started a fab journaling class with Julie Pritchard. It's great as it inspires me but as I'm not copying, my pages feel more like me.

This is in my lovely little moleskin. I'll let you know what they look like when they are dry and written on.

Have a fab week. Love Anne x


Virginia said...

OOoh Anne they are lovely pages - I know what you mean about the not sure what to write - so I've started preparing pages ready and then writing them up when I feel the need! I did a few last night like that I just seem to have so many 'art journaling' pages on the go at the moment I don't know where to start! Hope you are well - are you coming on the second weekend?



Whimcees said...


Wanted to wish you a Happy Easter with your family!

Barbara Diane

Whimcees said...


Hope all is well with you! Looking forward to new projects! :<)


Barbara Diane

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, must have missed this - that snowdrop page is absolutely fabulous! Very arty and striking - my favourite colours, too :)