Sunday, 14 February 2010

I'm in love..........with Journaling!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Heart From the Heart for one of Dyan's fab weekend workshops. This time it was art journaling - I loved it. It was an honour to share a weekend with so many amazing women. We laughed, we cried, we ate and we made a mess ;-) I would recommend it to any one. It was so popular that while we were there most of us booked into the next weekend.

Here are a few of the pages I've made so far. I am much happier than I come across on some of these pages and have now run out of rants so it works - don't get angry get journaling!

Scroll down Dyan's blog and you will see links to some of the other ladies blogs.

My pages are made with old newspaper which gives a lovely textured result. This is my work in progress rant page. Have a rant, cover it with gesso and sugar coat the result.
This is the first page I made. I was given the word rage and the colour red.
I love my white souffle pen.

I made this at a previous workshop and it reminds me not to take myself seriously.

My wireless has died and I have had to move the pc onto a small table near the phone. It means I can watch TV but it's killing my back! At least it stops me rambling on my blog. I've made a few more backgrounds so I just need to find a few images and get going again.



Hi Anne - welcome back! Love your journalling - sounds like lots of fun!
Sylvia xx

Virginia said...

Oooh Anne

The pages are gorgeous, I'm loving the white souffle pen effect on your page - absolutely gorgeous! I know what you mean on the rant front, I'm doing daily rants which are going to give a fairly obscure of who I am in future years LOL - so I'm also documenting funny little things that occur - you know the ones that you won't remember in years to come! I agree wholeheartedly on the 'don't get angry get journaling' statement it is the best therapy. I'm also loving the texture of the pages absolutely gorgeous! Hope you are having a good week!

Cath Wilson said...

Great pages, Anne and yet another one tempting me to journal... looks as if you're really enjoying it. Keep it up and it's lovely to see you posting.

Whimcees said...


It is so good to see you back!

Great creative pages! Love the self portrait - we all need one of these! :<)

Wishing you a good week!

Barbara Diane

Katy - Editor said...

Hi there Anne,
Are you aware you have won some blog candy from the CraftStamper Blog? Please could you email me your address so I can send you your Sharpie goodies, Please reply within the week otherwise we will have to reallocate.
Regards Katy