Sunday, 23 August 2009

Quick Catch Up

I've been off work for 2 weeks and in theory that should have meant lots of time for crafting. But what really happened was:
  • A few days tidying & cleaning house - it gets so bad when I work long hours
  • A lovely week travelling round North East of England
  • A fab workshop with Dyan
  • Shopping for wedding clothes. I now own a dress! Just need some shoes - I've seen ones I like but will I be able to walk in 4" heels?
  • Had my hair done as test for wedding - below is a during photo and to be honest this looked better than final result! Why does my hair dresser want me to look like someone else at my son's wedding. I just want to look like smarter version of self. A much thiner version would be nice too - but unlikely to happen in next two weeks!
  • Read a few books and am now on book three of TrueBlood series. I guess I'm an addict

Here is a photo of black cat Paws in her new bed! She is so difficult to photograph.

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